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Fire Season is NOW: Get Your Chips Checked/Updated!

Alright guys, this is a quick one. Fires are all over the state as I write this – with evacuations. And they move much faster than any of us. Wind clocked in with 107.9mph gust at the bowling alley today. Microchipping is just one of the things you need in your basic toolkit for protecting your pets in this situation. BUT, just having a chip isn’t enough. You need to know if your pet’s chip is really in the national database (many aren’t!), if your registration expired without your knowledge (some chip companies charge a fee and drop you if you don’t pay, without letting you know) and if your registration info is current.

We are holding a dog microchip clinic tomorrow, Wednesday April 18 from 3:00 – 5:00 at the Saddle Club building at the rodeo grounds. If your dog already has a chip, we’ll scan it for free and make sure the info is right and that it gets into the national database along with photos and other important information that isn’t usually included when you get the chip. If you need to get your dog chipped, it’s only $15.00.

This is a dog-only event, so you can’t bring your cats. BUT, please contact us if you want to get your cat’s info registered in the national database through us! We can do that!

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