Dog Walker


Pet Waggin

 Most Fridays at the share center in Westcliffe - Double Check when the Share Center is open with the Pandemic. We can also arrange emergency pet food droop offs in town. We understand no one is back to normal with the pandemic going on.

Pet Waggin was started to help Dog and Cat owners in our area feed their animals in tough times. As many know we would choose to feed our animals before we feed ourselves. Dog and Cat food donations are always needed and appreciated. Donate

Cat Nibble

Microchip Day

Next Chip day - TBD. 

We will scan existing chips and put them in the Michelson Found Animals registry for free. We will also take photos of the animals for the database. We will Implant new chips if there are none, cost is $15/chip (Cash/Check day of) Prepay with PayPal HERE.

Pre register your pet information HERE 

Click here to see why is chipping important and why it's important to have your animal's chip checked.  

We are now offering Free pet ID Tags to the Wet Mountain Valley pets at each of our chip clinics. Or, just can request free tags now by filling out the Tag Order Form. Donations are appreciated.