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Dog House


Dog House


To learn more about cats and dogs currently available for adoption, please contact us.




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Surrender A pet

As a PACFA licensed, Foster-Based Animal Rescue we are able to accept pets for re-homing, when we have foster homes available.  


To accept an animal, we need a surrender form filled out and any medical records you have. A board member will contact you about the animal you wish to surrender, its needs and issues. 


Filling out a form does not guarantee we can accept your pet. We are not a shelter, and can only take an animal if we have an appropriate foster home to care for it.

By law, we can only accept an animal that belongs to you. We are not allowed to house found animals.

Dog Collar



Dog Collar

Pet ID



Free pet tags to people in the Wet Mountain Valley - Get Your Animal Back

We are now offering Free Pet tags to animals in the Wet Mountain Valley area. Donations are appreciated. Tags come in 3 sizes Small, Medium, Large. We are hand engraving the tags with the Pet name and your phone number to help get your pet back to you. You can order your tag HERE or we will be able to make your tag at our next Microchip Clinic 


Sign your animal up now
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Get Your Animal Back

We are working with a free national chip registry ( so if your animal is found, the authorities can quickly scan them and have the web page contact you (your information stays private). If you do not have a microchip we will be hosting clinics to chip the animals (EVENTS) or you can visit your vet. The chip you currently have or get from the vet can be registered with this registry. It takes ALL chips and is Free for life. See the microchip information page for why chips are important, why you should choose us, and misconceptions about chips HERE 

To get your animal in the database attend our clinic(s) (EVENTS) or Fill out a Chip Form or go to  to enter your chip information and create an account. 

Dog in Cone



Dog in Cone

Ray Watkins Memorial

Vaccination Assistance

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Vaccination Assistance

With Covid-19 affecting a lot of people’s jobs WMAW, and Ray Watkins Memorial fund, would like to help the families that are most affected so they can continue to care for their animals in this time of need.

WMAW will provide a check made to your vet for $10 to help with the cost of vaccinations. 

To apply for the coupon click HERE.


We have a limited amount of money, so If you would like to donate please Click HERE, so we can continue the legacy of The Ray Watkins Memorial Fund.

 Spay & Neuter


Onine Form                         E-mail 

Spay Neuter Assistance 

In response to a sudden cut off of the funding for low cost spay and neuters in the Wet Mountain Valley WMAW has pulled together to offer financial assistance for low income households to get their animals spayed or neutered. WMAW will also provide feral cat spay and neuters with application. WMAW hopes to get grants to bring back the low cost spay neuter for everyone, but till the grants are in place we will be offering the Feral and the Low Income program. 

For information on Applying for a voucher click HERE

For information on the program and how you can help our community click HERE 

Medical Assistance


Medical Bill Assistance Loans

WMAW is able to assist with bridge loans for veterinary medical bills. Loan repayment schedules will be based on individual cases. This is to make sure that your pet can receive the care they desperately need to have a full and healthy life.


Contact us to discuss your case. 

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