Why it's important to chip your animals

  1. It’s the only way to identify your animal as yours if they are separated from you and loose their identification tags.

  2. It’s the law that if your animal is lost the authorities must check that chip when they find your animal to make sure that they don’t rehome your animal without your consent. This assures your animal will get back to you if they are picked up by the authorities.

  3. Having that number and information nationally and locally available will assist in getting your animal back to you faster.

As of May 2019, 3 animals were returned to their owners because they were chipped/checked at our clinics. The first clinic was April 2018 

Microchip Misconceptions 
  1. Microchips work like GPS. NO

  2. Microchips store all my information. NO they do not they only store a number. Once that number is scanned by a vet or authority person they have to figure out who made the chip, then call that database to find out the owner information. (the database we are using will be national and will register any brand of chip)

  3. Microchip registration is for life. – Not always – Depends on the brand, the arrangement with the company and what fee you decide to pay to that company (our registry is national and Free for life)

  4. All Microchips are part of a national database – NO – there are a few, but not all companies use the national database. (our registry is part of the national database and takes any and all chip brands)


local animals 


Is your pet?

Gets your pet back home

Why you should register your chip with us
  1. FREE FOR LIFE - Some chip registries require that you pay annual fees for them to continue to store your information, and you may not know that if you didn’t read the fine print. This database is FREE FOR LIFE

  2. NATIONAL DATABASE OF MICROCHIPS - Some chips brands are not part of the national registry of chips . This database is part of the national database

  3. ACCURATE CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION - Some chips are registered to the previous owner and have never been changed, or your information may not be accurate. We will put your current information in the national database.

  4. MAKE SURE YOUR CHIP IS WORKING - Your chip may not be reading properly. We will check your dog for a chip and make sure you have that number and if it isn’t reading, we can implant a new chip.

  5. LOCAL DATABASE - We will have a local record so that we can quickly contact you and get your dog back to you so that your dog will hopefully not have to go to an animal shelter (currently Fremont County Animal Shelter)

  6. PRIVACY - when your chip is looked up through www.found.org your information remains private. The authorities go to the page, enter the chip number of the animal they found. They can click a button to start the notification process that they found that animal. You get the notification and they only see the button. 

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Microchip Day 

7/13/19 11am-2pm

 @ 4th & Main St (Jess Park)

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