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Every little bit helps so please help us help your animals and the animals in the community. 

You can donate to our General Fund or you can specify which of the following you would like your funds applied to.


Building Fund

We are trying to build a shelter in Silver Cliff Colorado that will service Custer County. Right now we have to use Fremont County for all shelter needs. That's an hour away on a good day! Keeping lost animals here on the mountain, where they were found means their families are more likely to find them and quickly!



Medical Fund

There are many needs in this community such as spay and neuter, microchipping, vaccinations for animals that are taken in, emergency medical care for animals that are in our care. We also help with medical costs for foster homes.  

Fundraiser for 
Spay & Neuter 

All proceeds from this event will go towards the Spay & Neuter Program at Cliffe's Veterinary Clinic


or mail checks to

Po Box 1286

Westcliffe CO 81252



Spay & Neuter Fund

Spay and Neuter is a big undertaking for a rural community. It's a very big part of helping feral animals. Many people in our community need assistance with the high cost of spaying and neutering their family pet. MORE INFO HERE

Foster Fund

Most fosters are more than happy to provide food and animal supplies but there are some homes that are fantastic homes, but the person is on fixed income, so we strive to assist those people so that they can give a loving safe home to an animal in need. 

Pet Waggin

We hand out dog and cat food most Fridays at the Share Center to animals in need. If you have extra dog food or cat food to donate that would be great. If you prefer to donate money and have us buy some we can do that, just use this donate link so we allocate the funds to buy feed.

Ray Watkins Memorial Fund

Set up in memory of Ray Watkins, a true animal lover. WMAW would like to honor his memory by helping the community in times of need. In 2020 our focus will be Vaccination financial assistance for Covid-19 affected families. As long as there are funds we will continue to provide a directed dedication in his memory. 

Administration Fund

Most of our administration costs are PACFA's annual license fee. A lot of our board members pick up printing costs to help minimize the need for a large administration fund, but every operation has overhead. We strive to keep this at a minimum, the animals are our priority. 

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Dog and Cat food Donations can be taken to the Share Center on Friday. If that doesn't work for you or you have silent auction or foster care items to donate E-mail us to arrange a way for WMAW to get those items from you
Thanks to your generous donations to a targeted fundraiser specifically for a universal microchip scanner, WMAW was able to quickly purchase the scanner and start putting it to use! The scanner will be used to help reunited found animals in our community with their families. THANK YOU!!

Self Sustained Programs

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