Spay & Neuter Program

       At Cliffe's Veterinary Clinic

                   Dr. Julie Sperry DVM

It was a very sad and shocking day to find out that Pet Project pulled funding for the Custer county area and moved it to Pueblo. This tragic news left Dr. Julie Sperry of Cliffe's Veterinary Clinic in a very bad way. For over 10 years Julie has been helping the communities feral population as well as the low cost spay and neuter vouchers. The Wet Mountain Valley has a very big need for this spay and neuter program. With Pet Project pulling it's funding so suddenly we are asking the community to assist in funding this much needed program. Wet Mountain Animal Welfare will assist Julie in writing grants for the long term survival of a spay and neuter program. However, there is an urgent need for funding till those grants are in place. It currently costs around $19,000 per year to manage the current community needs the way it was run by Pet Project.

Animals helped by the past

programs in our community

Feral cats since June 2009



Pets since May 2010

859 Animals

Male Cats 27%, Female Cats 23%

Male Dogs 23%, Female Dogs 25%

Rabbits 0.8%

It takes about $19,000 per calendar year to manage the current spay and neuter needs of this community. 

Help support the Cliffe's Spay Neuter Program by donating


By check to:

"Wet Mountain Animal Welfare" 

Po Box 1286, Westcliffe CO 81252

**WMAW is a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible

WMAW will match the first $2500 donations 

Estimated Costs

The cost to SPAY a

Cat is $65

30 lb Dog is $100

31-50 lb Dog is $115

51-75 lb Dog is $145

76-100 lb Dog is $165

100+ lb per case

The cost to NEUTER a

Cat is $35

30 lb Dog is $75

31-50 lb Dog is $85

51-75 lb Dog is $95

76-100 lb Dog is $115

100+ lb per case

Application for Spay/Neuter Assistance

1- Fill out the online application HERE

2- Get a confirmation that we got your application 

3- If you qualify for Assistance we will send you the amount you qualify for.

Book your animal's appointment with Dr Julie Sperry. WMAW does not book appointments

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