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Animal Stories

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Service Dog 


Capone is a 1 year old German Shepard that was shot by a neighbor. There was no livestock or menacing behavior to provoke this situation. He lives with a baby and an older service dog. He will be the replacement for the older service dog. Capone is owned by a Veteran with limited fixed income. WMAW called on the community to help with the vet bills to help save this sweet dog. 

**Active Case Updates are on the Facebook page

Dontations and WMAW contributions paid for Capones surgery and he is now recovering very well.





Suki's human became aged and needed to move down the mountain to a place that would not allow dogs. Suki and a companion dog were left free range 24/7 near a cabin in Custer county. The owner finally agreed to surrender the dogs to a new home. Suki had her own mind made up about where she needed to live. She jumped fences and ran away from several very well suited homes.

Suki picked a 90yo woman as the human she wanted to live with. Suki is sadly facing Lymphoma and her new human has not left her side. This bond is amazing. 




Adult, spayed, UTD, 2 yr. old Main Coon cat

Owner contacted WMAW to help with re-homing. They had many kids, many dogs, and 2 older Siamese cats. They loved Winter but could see she was stressed in the household, did not ever want to go outside, couldn’t even use the litter box without getting beat up by the Siamese’. Her coat was not in great shape, and body weight reduced, especially for a coon.

Adopter had just lost her 2 house cats. Winter loves the new house, the family, and bird watching, also sleeps with their Coon hound.



Lucy & Tess

TNR + Homed

This was a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) situation where all of the adult cats are abandoned pets, that were left behind by short-term residents that moved out. The Adults were TNR'd and the kittens were too young. These 2 kittens came from 2 different litters, one was a herpes infected litter that required a lot of WMAW medical attention. They were socialized then re-homed within our community. 






Jack's owner died in 2018 in Custer County. He is a pure bred pointer (Age 5 in 2020),  was fostered by Sue for a bit then adopted. The Adopter found another dog that they liked better so Jake was put back up for adoption. He's now in his forever home and enjoying life in the bed and on the farm. He has 4 other dog siblings. He is glued to his new mom in the best way!!



TNR + Homed

This was a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) situation where the feral colony lives under a house where the owners are allergic. 

Sterling was first caught and because of it's very young age could not be returned to his colony. WMAW facilitated a foster home who socialized the kitten, and fell in love. Sterling stayed!!




Got New Wheels

Katie had hind end paralysis. Her owner was physically not able to carry her and do a lot of heavy lifting. It was suggested by Dr Sperry that Katie would benefit from a canine wheel chair. WMAW bought Katie a new set of wheels with the help of the community. 
Sadly Katie has passed away, but her legacy lives on with this set of wheels that will remain available in the community for another dog with a similar need.



Flossie Mae


Spayed female, 7yo Treeing Walking Coon hound that was adopted through WMAW after being fostered with Sue. Family moved away after some heartbreak and taking the dog was too much for them. Her only fault was that she will kill cats. But will chase bears off the property. Her new family has 2 similar sized rescues and several fenced acres for them all to play



Georgie & Cali

TNR + Re-Home

Georgie & Cali were brought in as kittens, as part of our Trap/Neuter/Return program. They were socialized, by a foster, along with their brother (not pictured).They are doing fantastic at their new home. The foster fell in love and adopted their brother. The mom was spayed and returned to her stomping ground where she eventually warmed up to her caretakers.





Sadly Sophie's human passed away. The family was overwhelmed with everything and planned to take Sophie to a shelter. The neighbor called out to WMAW to help rehome Sophie. A Facebook page member adopted Sophie and she was instantly part of the family!





In his short year of life he was abandoned, and put in the wrong living environment. He was a young active dog in a home with a new baby and he was not getting the activity and attention he needed.
He was fostered with Sue and evaluated, neutered and rehomed. His evaluation was that he was great with dogs, cats and just needed more attention and constant training. His new home he has a fur-sibling and is an in the bed family member. Doing amazing!!


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