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Capone is a 1 year old German Shepard that was shot by a neighbor. There was no livestock or menacing behavior to provoke this situation. He lives with a baby and an older service dog. He will be the replacement for the older service dog. Capone is owned by a Veteran with limited fixed income. WMAW called on the community to help with the vet bills to help save this sweet dog. 

**Active Case Updates to follow


<Post bullet removal surgery in kennel

Bullet hole after first vet visit (bullet still in there)>


Adult, spayed, UTD, 2 yr. old Main Coon cat

Owner contacted WMAW to help with re-homing. They had many kids, many dogs, and 2 older Siamese cats. They loved Winter but could see she was stressed in the household, did not ever want to go outside, couldn’t even use the litter box without getting beat up by the Siamese’. Her coat was not in great shape, and body weight reduced, especially for a coon.

Adopter had just lost her 2 house cats. Winter loves the new house, the family, and bird watching, also sleeps with their Coon hound.

<Old home

New Home>

Lucy & Tess

This was a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) situation where all of the adult cats are abandoned pets, now strays, that were left behind by short term residents that moved out. The Adults were TNR but the litters were too young to release. These 2 cats came from 2 different litters, one was a herpes infected litter that required a lot of WMAW medical attention. They were socialized then re homed within our community. They were placed in a loving home where they could thrive and eventually were fixed (a state and WMAW requirement for adoption).

<At WMAW fundraiser

New Home>

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