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About US

Animal Rescue

​WMAW is licensed with PACFA as an Animal Rescue

We are a foster based animal rescue. We can assist in re-homing animals for their owners. We are also here to help keep animals in their homes with education, animal welfare resources and connecting people with animal professionals.



We assist in the quick reunion of animals and their owners when pets get lost. Our Facebook Group ( is open to all for Lost & Found postings. We also offer low-cost Micro Chipping and free checks for existing chips and registration or updating of chip information in a national microchip registry (More Information). We are not a shelter (yet) so we can not take in stray animals (yet). The nearest shelter is in Fremont County. 



Feed Pets in Need

Pet Waggin

Help feed dogs and cats in need through the Pet Waggin pet food distribution program (More Information). Dog and Cat food donations always needed. (Donation Information)




​Reunite & Re-Homing & Emergency

Custer County Animal Database

We have compiled a Custer County Animal Database (affiliated with the national database) so that we can quickly reunite animals with their owners when they get out. (More Information) We will be have regular clinics to read and implant chips. (More Information)


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Promote the responsible and humane treatment of animals
Build an Animal Shelter in Custer County

Donate to the Shelter Fund

A major project is to build and operate an animal shelter in Silver Cliff/Westcliffe to house lost, stray, abandoned, surrendered and neglected animals. Visit our donations page to donate directly to the Shelter Fund to build an Animal Shelter in Silver Cliff that will service Custer County

Currently all Shelter needs must go through The Humane Society of Fremont County (Contact Them) .


Organize Foster homes and find homes for lost/abandoned animals and assist with the re-homing of pets for owners no longer able to take care of them. Also for short term housing during local disasters. We are currently in need of foster homes.(More Information)

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Assist in emergency cases of animal abuse and neglect. Provide emergency housing for pets during local disasters (Volunteer)

We also strive to establish a strong working relationship with local law enforcement for emergency animal needs.

Dog & Cat Pals

Animal Care Professionals
Refer pet owners to low-cost spay/neuter programs and veterinary medical assistance. Assist pet owners with trainers, behavioral advice and pet containment.  (More Information)