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Animal Care Professionals

Other Animal information


High Peaks Animal Hospital (719) 783-3770,

1200 Broadway, Silver Cliff.

Cliffes Veterinary Clinic, (719) 783-2032.

10 Hermit Lane #2, Silver Cliff.

Eskridge Veterinary Clinic (719) 275-6237,

2403 North 9th St., Canon City.

Rose Veterinary Clinic (719) 275-1909,

1910 High St., Canon City.

Four Mile Veterinary Clinic (719) 275-6318,

401 Lincoln St. Canon City.

Fremont Veterinary Hospital (719) 269-3349,

2418 Florence Ave, Canon City.

Kenline Veterinary Clinic (719) 275-2081,

1426 S 9th St, Canon City.


Mountain Shadows Animal Hospital (719) 539-2533,

9171 W Us Highway 50, Salida.

Mesa Veterinary Clinic (719) 542-6075,

1124 20th Lane, Pueblo West.

Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine (719) 272-4004,

5520 North Nevada, Colorado Springs.

Colorado State University (CSU) Veterinary Teaching Hospital (970) 297-5000,

300 West Drake Rd., Fort Collins.

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Animals In Hot Cars

New Law about animals, children and at risk people in hot cars CLICK HERE

Animal Appears to need Assistance/Removeal

Please contact the sheriff's office 719-276-5555, #8 for dispatch (Fremont county number, there is no Custer County #)

describe the situation, location, give your name

The Sheriff's office will visit the animal and if they feel it is in need they will direct the incident to the State of Colorado Humane Society and SPCA.


Their field investigator for this area is Bret Smith 720-241-7111, he will investigate and give a report.


If That report requires removal then CHS will contact a Veterinarian for inspection. If that veterinarian decides removal is necessary they will contact the Sheriffs office. 


With the Vet and CHS documentation the Sheriffs office can then issue a warrant to remove the animal. 

CHS would do the removing and assigning to an appropriate rescue based on species, breed and availability. 

Emergency Financial Assistance

Low Cost Veterinarians/Financial Aid/Financing

Maxfund Wellness Center (303) 595-0532,

1000 Inca St., Denver.

Planned Pethood Plus,Inc. (303) 433-3291,

4595 Harlan Street, Wheat Ridge.

Pet Aid Colorado (303) 722-5800

191 Yuma St., Denver. 


Care Credit - Vet financing/healthcare financing… ….6 mos. interest free…
(Harley’s Fund requires that you have applied for and been denied Care Credit) (



Pueblo Area Pet Emergency Hospital (719) 544-7788,

712 Fortino Ave. Pueblo.

Animal ER Care (719) 260-7141,

5520 North Nevada, Colorado Springs.

Mountain Shadows Animal Hospital (970) 829-1597 emergency hours,

9171 W Us Highway 50, Salida.

Pet Poison Helpline (800)213-6680.



High Peaks Animal Hospital (719) 783-3770,

1200 Broadway, Silver Cliff.


Pet Sitters

Denise Harlan (719) 371-5306, 

Marcey's Menagerie In Home Pet Sitting (719) 221-1345 Facebook   

Cecilia Rogers (719) 431-9993,


Animal Shelters

Humane Society of Fremont County (719) 275-0663,

110 Rhodes Avenue, Canon City.

PAWS for Life Animal Welfare and Protection Society (719) 543-6464,

800 North Pueblo Blvd. Pueblo.

Trainers & Groomers

Jane Trude (719)371-0361,, P.O. Box 509, Westcliffe, CO 81252. Dog Trainer.

Daniel B. (719) 221-6857. Horse Trainer. 

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