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WMAW Needs Volunteers!

Wet Mountain Animal Welfare needs volunteers of all kinds! Here is a list of our current needs. Descriptions below. We'll post these individually over the next few days and weeks, for those of you who have trouble viewing these longer posts. You can fill out our improve Volunteer Application Here.

  • Pet Waggin' Helper

  • Fosters

  • Shelter Planning Committee Members

  • TNR Team Members

  • Webmaster

  • Grant Writer

In addition to the above, we can use help with acquisition of supplies donated by individuals, and returning phone calls to and assisting callers with Lost and Found animals (this does not involve animal handling, it is advising them on what to do and helping them get the word out).

Pet Waggin' Helper

CONTACT: ‪(719) 430-5494,, or PM Heidi Ensley (on Facebook)

We need a volunteer to carry bags of dog and cat food to cars in our curbside supplemental pet food distribution, for about an hour or two, twice a month.


Able to carry grocery bags full of pet food from the building to cars.

A courteous and friendly demeanor, to the recipients and the Share center crew that we share space with.


Downtown Westcliffe – Sharing Center, 120 N. 3rd Street.


July 9th and 23rd

Ongoing - Pet Waggin is currently running the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. It is always on Fridays, but frequency is subject to change.

More Details:

WMAW offers dry and canned, cat and dog chows for low income and senior people through the Care Share Center, located at 120 N. 3rd Street, downtown Westcliffe.

We bag up and deliver pet food to cars that drive through on Fridays from 12 – 5:00. Our supplies are limited, so we offer them 2x/month, and usually run out in an hour!

Would love to have a volunteer distribute the bags to cars, after they are made up. We will introduce you to the crew, show you where our supplies are kept, and instruct on the how’s and why’s!

This is a very rewarding position, one of the few volunteer opportunities where you really get to see the difference you are making in people’s lives. The clients are very appreciative of the food they receive for their beloved pets. You get to make many people’s day (or week) in just an hour or two.

July dates are 9th and 23rd, 11:30 to about 1:30 (or earlier if running out of food). If willing to help in August and September also that would be great!


Common needs are for:

  • Kittens from feral colonies, who may or may not need special care and socialization.

  • Adult and senior dogs whose owners have passed away.

  • Adult cats and dogs whose owners can no longer keep them due to a change in living situation or because they do not get along with other pets.

  • Dogs whose owners are unable to resolve containment issues.

  • Dogs and cats whose owners need a temporary home for them and will be taking them back rather than rehoming.

Shelter Planning Committee Members

We need experienced volunteers to:

  • Project operating costs, primarily the non-negotiable expenses such as PACFA-required paid employee.

  • Create building plans based on PACFA regulations (very specific for building).

TNR Team Members

We need volunteers for our TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) team willing to do one or more of the following:

  • Canvas TNR area to determine if cats planned for TNR have owners and inform all neighbors about the trapping operation.

  • Set and monitor traps.

  • Teach clients to do their own trapping.

  • Transport cats for Spay/Neuter appointments.

  • Keep cats for overnight hold after surgery and return the cats, when clients are unable to do this for themselves.


  • Maintain and make changes to under the direction of the board.

  • Suggest website design improvements and implement them if approved.

  • Create fillable forms and applications for the website.

Grant Writer

  • Research and apply for grants.

  • Make sure we are maintaining grant eligibility status for programs we have already joined or started the process.


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