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Big Power of a Microchip

With the dry winter we are facing a very scary fire season. Now more than ever it's important to make sure your animals are micro-chipped and that your current chip is registered properly. If you are at the grocery store or work and a fire breaks out there may not be time to get back to your pets. More realistically the emergency evacuation team will not let you back in to save your animals. If a CART (FEMA) person evacuates your animals they will be easier to identify if they have a microchip, and if that microchip is registered to your current information.

It's also the law under PACFA supervision that all authorities are required to check for microchips prior to re-homing and animal. A case in Colorado of a dog missing 3 years was settled that the first owner would get the dog back because the authorities did not check the microchip before the animal was re-homed, and had they, they would have returned the dog to it's original owner.

Test your chip knowledge HERE

See more information about Chip day, why chips and chip checking is important. HERE

WMAW is hosting a Chip Clinic on 4/18/18 from 3-5pm at the Saddle Club arena to help check your chips and get your dog micro-chipped for $15 per chip if they don't have one.

The registry that will be used is WMAW picked them because it's free for life (unlike most). After the authorities enter the chip number there is a single button to start notifying the owner that the animal was found. So all your information is private. It was also the only registry that had emergency information for the pet health incase a diabetic animal needs special emergent care etc.

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