Paula Novosel

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Vice President

Sandi Dalton

Sandi has been passionate about helping animals since early childhood. When she couldn’t wait any longer to get started, she started volunteering as a veterinarian’s assistant at age 13. She soon earned her certification as a Small Animal Dietician. Years later she completed a program in Holistic Care for Companion Animals. Sandi has been very active in TNR (trap, neuter, return) and taming of feral cats of all ages. She has extensive experience caring for cats with special health needs and dogs with challenging containment issues.


Sandi moved to Westcliffe in 2003. She makes her living as a freelance writer and photographer and volunteers as a DJ for KLZR, our local radio station.


Allison Gelfand Sable 

Allison has a long history of working with animals. She's got a degree in Animal Science from CSU. She has also worked in animal care facilities of various kinds. She has been active in 501c3's her whole life and even more active in the animal community. She currently owns and operates a Westcliffe ranch with over 60 animals and more than 6 species. 


Heidi Ensley

Born and raised in San Diego, California, moving to Westcliffe, Colorado  six years ago!  Worked for the San Diego Zoo for 34 years, starting as a children's Zoo primate and hoof stock nursery attendant, then a main zoo keeper, and then a trainer in the Animal Behavior Dept. retiring early as a lead and master trainer of exotics.  My experience with a vast array of exotics that could only be found at a zoo the size of San Diego's, gave me the experience and knowledge to work with challenging individual animals, and learn how to positively present them to the public.  I was involved in everything from school programs,  tour groups, donor parties, trouble shooting behavioral issues with exhibit animals and daily amphitheater presentations.  Animal behavior is a fascinating arena in which to hone your skills, make animals as comfortable and enriched as possible, and share them with a public that needs to learn about them in order to appreciate and protect them.  The humane care of all animals is always my primary consideration.

Other Board Members

Board Member

Raeona Austin

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Board Member

Gin Huffman

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Board Member

Kevin Zwack

Past secretary and still an active part of WMAW. 

Past Board Members

Melissa Carey 

Melissa is one of the founders of WMAW and has played a huge part in the Pet Waggin that supplies cat and dog food to needy owners. She pet sits for the community and does some selective grooming. We are lucky to have her as our president.  She has been active with horses since the age of five, and started showing dogs at the age of 10- Belgian Sheepdogs.  She rode QH's, TB's in Hunter Jumper divisions and got her first horse at the age of 15.  She bred and showed JRT's and miniature horses for over 20 years.  At one point her mini horses were ranked in the top ten in the nation as performance horses.  She trained and showed minis professionally across the country.  She started grooming dogs at ten years old with some of the dogs going onto the Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Gardens.  She owned a pet store for over ten years where they handled pet supplies and sold reptiles, fish, small mammals and bred and sold their own pet birds.  They did a lot of bird rescue from finches to Macaws.  She also helped with the cat spay/neuter clinic in Richmond VA and Charlottesville, VA.  To top it off she worked for a vet for over 5 years in Baltimore, MD

Cyn Williams

Rest in Peace Cynthia. As a founder of WMAW we all owe you a debt of gratitude 

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