April 21, 2018

April is Heartworm Disease Awareness Month. Heartworms are one of the many problems we didn’t have to worry about up here a few years ago, but that has changed. And, it’s not just dogs. Cats can get heartworms too and they need a different type of medicine to prevent it. Please, visit the American Heartworm Society website to learn more about heartworm basics and heartworm prevention....

April 18, 2018

Alright guys, this is a quick one. Fires are all over the state as I write this – with evacuations. And they move much faster than any of us. Wind clocked in with 107.9mph gust at the bowling alley today. Microchipping is just one of the things you need in your basic toolkit for protecting your pets in this situation. BUT, just having a chip isn’t enough. You need to know if your pet’s...

April 7, 2018

Fire season is on its way, and with the way things look now, we’re expecting a bad one. If you’ve been here a few years, you already know that means evacuations. You never know where or how many areas will be hit. Fires move very fast. You can’t plan on having any advance notice if you have to get out, so you need to plan now. In a future post, I will include more local info on where t...

April 1, 2018

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month, and tomorrow is Easter. So I wanted to remind you that Easter lilies, and other lilies are toxic to cats!

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With the dry winter we are facing a very scary fire season. Now more than ever it's important to make sure your animals are micro-chipped and that you...

Big Power of a Microchip

March 28, 2018

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